Top Five Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a place for friends and family to gather, to cook and converse. You probably spend more time in the kitchen than in your living room. A thoughtful redesign can transform an ordinary kitchen into a place of beauty, pleasure, and refinement. We have remodeled hundreds of kitchens in the Washington DC area. Our clients have many reasons for undertaking the project, but these are the most common and sensible, in our view:


A kitchen that has been remodeled with care and foresight will be more functional. It will make maximum use of space and incorporate all the appliances you need to cook meals efficiently.


As time passes, you may come to desire new features in your kitchen – a nice social area, for instance, or a bar where you can enjoy company while cooking. You may also need new appliances or more counter space. A redesign can meet all these demands and improve the quality of a family’s home life.

Property Value

A new kitchen with advanced functions and features can enhance the value of a home. Many homeowners in the Washington DC-area remodel their kitchens for this very reason. If you plan on selling your property, it is important to upgrade the house, including your kitchen.

The Substance of Style

Many of our clients want to live in elegant spaces. They care about the aesthetics of their home. Because of its centrality, the kitchen is the right place to start if you want to improve the overall look of your home. At Euro Design, we work closely with clients to achieve the look they desire. In the end, you will enjoy spending time in the kitchen more than other place.

Going Green

Kitchens can use a great deal of energy. A smart redesign, however, can transform your kitchen into a model of efficiency. We install water-efficient and energy-efficient systems, which conserve resources and lower utility bills.

So, whether you are desperate for more storage space, tired of cooking in a dingy, out-of-date kitchen, or looking to enhance the value of your home, an intelligent redesign of your kitchen may be the right step for you.

We are happy to provide free consultations for clients beginning to rethink their kitchens.