Katherine Woodworth, Silver Spring, MD

I hired Euro Design to renovate my bathroom. They installed all new fixtures and tiled the floors and the walls. Their price was far below those quoted by bath and kitchen design places that have a showroom and I got to pick whatever I wanted for the fixtures and design elements, rather than going with a package as offered by the other companies. Euro Designer Rafael Pabon accompanied me to the shops to find just the right tiles, fixtures, hardware, vanity and vanity top. The men who did the work were excellent: very well-trained, polite, and with a good work ethic. They worked well together and it seemed important to them that they do their best work. The job, once it started, took very little time and they took on some repairs to my downstairs bath as well. I was so thrilled with my beautiful new bath.

Then I hired them again to make some changes to my kitchen. Again, Rafael went with me to look at granite and tile for the back splash. We found the most beautiful marble tile for the backsplash and the most beautiful granite for the countertop. Then again, the workmen came to even the floor and the lower cabinets and strengthen them to hold the granite. They did a beautiful job on the backsplash. They also installed a new stove and dishwasher and range hood, and undercounter lights. I didn’t change out the floor or cabinets, but my kitchen looks like a palace. 

This company, under Tomas Krunkaitis, is exceptionally well-run, honest, and considerate of the customer. Everyone worked to their best ability to create something beautiful and well-built that will last. The quality of their work is exceptional. I would use them again and highly recommend them.
Overall, it went exceptionally well. They removed the old fixtures, walls and floors the first day and then installed the fixtures (bathtub with shower hardware, grab bar, toiler, and vanity, wall tile, floor tile, and lights, hardware, etc. They even came back a few weeks later to put the vanity top on since it was a special order. They even installed a combo light, fan and heat fixture in the ceiling of the bathroom and gave me switches for all of those separately. Then they painted the walls.

As for the kitchen, they removed the old stove and D/W, then the old counter top. They built up the floor where needed because of a poor job done by a previous re-tiling of the floor and raised the cupboards by adding wood to the top to hold the granite. Rene got the wood and did a fabulous job matching the color of the old cabinets. Then the counter top was installed. The men then came to put up the wall tile, install the new stove and D/W. It took about four or five days to complete the work. They did their best to minimize the disruption. They always cleaned up each evening after the work was done. They swept the front porch, removed all the packing materials and swept up where they had worked. 

They did encounter some surprises along the way that they couldn’t have know about beforehand. There were no studs in the long wall where the bathtub went so they were unable to install the grab bar. An electrical outlet had to be raised to accommodate the taller vanity I chose and they found that the wall next to where the vanity should go was not built straight! In other words, the angle was not 90 degrees. Rene did some very clever work on the back wall to allow the vanity to look straight. It was brilliant.