Bathroom Remodel Ellicott City MD

Small bathroom Remodel Ellicott City MD

In this bathroom renovation, the homeowners asked that we keep the original layout but update the look and feel of the room. They had already purchased the fixtures and tiles for their master bathroom, but we noticed that the shower floor tiles were not the best choice in terms of design and quality. We suggested an alternative, which the clients loved. The project was successfully completed in in 2.5 weeks.

New Bathroom in Ellicott City MD

This family came to us in search of fresh ideas for their master bathroom. After inspecting the room and getting to know the client, we suggested replacing the master tub with a shower featuring a comfortable bench. We also recommended installing a storage unit above a floating vanity, and replacing the tiles and fixtures. Working closely with the client on all design choices, we completed the project in 2.5 weeks. The client was thrilled with the design and quality of the renovated bathroom.